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New Lust Item

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So I realized that I needed a new gadget in my life. I still want to build my desktop system but my new laptop will suffice for a good while. My first impulse was to get a PDA, like the Dell Axiom. I have an old Handspring Visor but the thing is pretty much useless now - its charger is on the fritz and the unit itself is pretty beat up. However after a few days thinking about it, I realized that I never used my Visor for anything special - in other words, nothing that today's phones can handle. So I hopped over to Cingular's website and brwosed their line up. Of course the coolest phone is the most expensive, but it would definetly be just perfect for my needs: the Motorola RAZR V3

Its got bluetooth, which I have thanks to my DiNovo keyboard, so I can wirelessly sync it up with my laptop for my datebook and email and contacts and all that. I wish they had one without a camera so it would be cheaper. I have my own camera so I'm not big into camera phones, tho they are convenient for impromptu photos since I don't lug my digicam around everywhere I go.

Hopefully by the time I can afford to get this (post GDC) they'll have released the black model, since that looks way cooler than the silver one.

So yea, this would be the perfect on the go gadget for me. Can't wait for it to be financially feasible for me to get my mitts on it. I just upgraded to my current phone only last year or so, so hopefully I won't get hit with any charges for getting a new one. I haven't even discussed it yet with my parents, who manage the family plan - I'm just right now making the decision that this is the phone I'd like to get instead of a PDA. So we'll see if it actually happens...

Okay, time to go finish up Deus Ex. I'm on the last area of the last level (Sector 4, Area 51). Still deciding which way to end it [smile]
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