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Still Working on Materials

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I did update the SEND functions for the shader class. Now I can send unique handles rather than adhering to strict naming standards for engine data types. I also gutted the shader material class which will be my focus for Monday. I hope to have the next version of the material editor up by the end of the week. I'll try to post some new screen shots - Hell, maybe I'll just post the editor for everyone to play with.

Also I'm looking to begin making my next game. I want to make a 3D game (of some type) so that I can beat the shit out of my engine. Only problem is that I am constantly being limited by my lack of modeling skills. I'm not a bad animator I just suck at character and level modeling. So it seems I may have to shell out some bucks to get this one together... as soon as I figure out what this one will be.
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