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Not quite

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Stephen R


I didn't get what I'd hoped done today, though I did get other things done. Most importantly were two rather large, but simply fixed, bugs in the level editor which cropped up today when I was making test levels. I rigged up a new tilemap out of the new tiles - it only took about 10 minutes but it was an Achievement. I got started on loading the levels into the game - by which I mean I added a filename parameter to the LoadMap function (I got distracted at that stage by the bugs in the editor). The site didn't get its polish today, so I won't make my goal of having it out of the way by Monday but I might get it done tomorrow night.

I've been trying to find game engines to tear apart to see what makes a good engine tick. I was looking for one of those threads where they listed the various game engines in the forum but couldn't find any (the search is down). If anyone has any of them bookmarked I'd greatly appreciate a link.
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Make one [grin]. Coldacid recommends Ogre, but I'd rather do my own. I'm not confident enough in 3D at the momment so I'm just refining my skills and reading up on 3D math before I jump into the code.

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I'd rather not make a thread about something thats been posted way too many times before. I'll check out ogre - see if I can find any inspiration there.

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