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Today was the last day Wytter worked for our two projects. He is going in the military tomorrow, and he won't be around (at least not much) for 4 months. This kind of sucks, we'll all miss him until he returns. We had a goodbye party in Eternal Lands for him.
Meanwhile, Grum submited a patch that reads the actors definitions from an XML file, so we don't have to hard code it, whih was TEG SUKC (the most inelegant code in the whole client).
That code was also ported in the Barren Moon client.
Meanwhile, Rogue is working at a php script to authentificate the e-mail addresses of those who have the missfortune to be on banned ISPs, so that we can process them and allow them to log in based on their e-mail address. This way we make sure that if someone is granted access to the game, as soon as he/she missbehaves we remove their name from the white list, so, coming from a banned ISP, they won't be able to log in again.

Now, regarding Barren Moon, I am going to work at the seeds list, and make them germinate. The data structures and seeds loading/saving are already done, what's left is just processing them, and spawning new plants when they germinate. Then I have to write an admin function, to speed up the time so I can test them.
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I read the actors script code the otherday... it is 588KB! and over 7500 lines for one function. I can't believe someone had to type all of that.

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That was typed in about 2 years now. I mean, we just added new stuff, so we updated that. And it was mostly copy/paste then replace, so it wasn't that difficult.
But I am glad we got rid of it :)

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