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Confusion of the highest order...

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So, below, some lovely shots of the Doom3 fat zombie and it all looks nice, huzzah! as I said before...

Just one problem;
I'm no longer sure WHY it works, heh

I probably just need to refresh my brain a bit, but the confusion comes from the TBN matrix.
Now, this matrix takes things from object space to tangent space, which is cool and I understand it.

Just one problem;
My shaders are working out stuff in eye space and then multiplying by the TBN matrix... yet, somehow, it all seems to work and does what I expect... needless to say i'm a tad puzzled at this moment.

It doesnt help that its half a shader from the OpenGL Orange Book and half a GLSL conversion of the Doom3 lighting shader, tweaked a bit because I'm not applying attenuation to my lights.

Ah well, i'll work it out later I'm sure, I'm a bit busy attempting to make the Source engine do pretty things atm... hack hack hack hack hack...

Infact, as I mentioned Source, heres a fun comment I found:
BUGBUG: VPhysics is hardcoded so that vehicles must face down Y instead of X like everything else
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