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Why I'm up

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I decided to make this a separate post, not sure why.

Registration was today for 2nd years, so I stayed up all night so I could make it into the classes I need. I made it into my classes no problem, so it looks like next quarter I'll be taking Professional Communications (a class on writing documentation it seems), University Physics II, Discrete Math II, and Computer Organization (an asm class, I'm done with the core CS1-4 sequence now)

I have FYE (First Year Enrichment, which is as useless as it sounds) at 11, so I decided not to go back to sleep b/c I shouldn't miss it (we have to pass it, but that pretty much just means going) I'll probably come back after Discrete and sleep until CS.

I've been working on one nasty piece of code almost the entire time I've been up, which makes me mad. It's STL heavy so it's a pain in the ass to debug, I converted my old ConfigFile code to a much better approach, but something isn't working right.. gdb isn't helping at all either.

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