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Status of the apparatus!

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Now that the introduction is out of the way, Ill put up a background of my game.

Name: Gold Fire
Type: Single Player RPG
Setting: Fantasy
Graphics: 2D top-down
Engine: GameMaker 6

Story: You start out at 18 years old about to be released from the orphanage that has been your home since you were an infant. The head mother of the orphange breaks down and tells you what she remembers about your parents, how they were killed by dragons in the Great War shortly after you were born. The Great War drove the dragons out of the land eventually and they havent been seen since. But soon after your release, you discover that a dragon has been seen in a mountain range far to the north. So begins your quest of revenge.

Planned features: Level-less stat building, 20 different jobs, dozens of skills, selectable tick-based or auto combat, custom created weapon, armor, spells, recipes, and fighting moves, fully interactive environment, relationships, persistent war.
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Make sure you write yourself a detailed design document! I wouldn't want you falling into my trap [sad].

Good luck with the game!

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Thanks, I will! :D

I have 6 or 7 Notepad files brimming with info. And I still have to figure out the layout of the opening town. :P

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Can't wait to see some of the stuff you accomplish. I might even need some help on some of my projects. Keep in touch.

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