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Completed Shader Material Class

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First: I completed the shader material class. All resource loading and device data can be accessed via the shader file itself. No manual class configuration - just load the shader and everything is set up automatically - including compatibility checking. For example the current ambient lighting can be accessed via the: DEAMBIENTLIGHT semantic. I have also added semantics to access base material colors and textures. The picture shows two shaders applied to the alien model. They both use the DEBASEMATCOLOR semantic to access each sub-mesh's diffuse color. Multiple instances of any semantic are allowed.

Next: I will finish work on the material editor. It should be quite pleasant to construct now that all configuration takes place within the effect file - All hale Microsoft! - Did I just say that!?

Finally: My game idea is coming together. Remember the first "Echo the Dolphin" for the Sega Saturn? I used to love playing that game. Well I've got the idea to create a 3D action style RPG totally underwater using an orca. I'm not sure if there are any games like this - if you know of one then please let me know so I can go play it. I think that Echo was redone on the DreamCast but I never got around to playing it.
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