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Better late than never

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Long time since I've made a journal entry (busy, not lazy ;-D),

So, for all of you that don't know, I am employed again (not sure many of you knew I was un-employed) and I now work as an educational game developer at a local company in Northampton, MA.

However, Morning's Wrath hasn't suffered much from this, I found when I had all the free time in the world, I didn't want to do anything, and now that I have limited time again, I am more motivated, go figure =D.

So, updates!

well, we completed the map making phase back in early December, and since then have been in the non-linear gameplay phase. When this phase started Zac and I set out to define how long it would take for us to finish the phase, we came up with a 90 day development period, split into three 30 day segments, each with a deadline and each with a coresponding area of the game.

Red Deadline - Dec 18th to Jan 16th - The Lost Region / The Tomb

Green Deadline - Jan 17th to Feb 15th - Castle Level 2 / Castle Level 3
Blue Deadline - Feb 16th to Mar 17th - Final Battle / Aftermath

So far we have completed the red deadline, and did so a week ahead of scheduel, we are now a little more tha half-way through the green deadline, and for my part I finished Castle Level 2 15 days ahead of scheduel, the way things are going it looks like we will again reach our deadline ahead of time, giving us even more time for the blue deadline (which compared to the others, was highly over-estimated) this will give us some breathing room to prepare as many things as possible, before the March 17th Closed Beta.

If you would like to be part of the closed beta, be sure to join our newsletter at www.morningswrath.com, or you can simply make a request to me,Raymond Jacobs.

well, that is all for now, I really should update this journal more, but it is hard to find the time, given that most of my free time goes to Morning's Wrath already ;-)

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