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its almost over

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Well, the whole newness thing of the hardware has almost past. I'm still enjoying some games now and then that I couldnt touch before. But I have been spending more time getting other things setup. Finally finished installing the SDK. I discovered that you cant just install the december_sdk, you will be missing the basic includes.

But I have only gotten to touch up a bit on the code, not really any updates. I plan to get the menus, and the stats (points, ect) worked in next. I really want to get this to a point where I can release it and just call it my first 'done'. But it is not is shape yet, so I will keep plugging. After I am done, I guess I would like to get out of the DX Sample Framework base. I want to make a decent framework of my own, just something to really keep me busy when I want to code. I like adding features, so I will make something simple that I can use to make demos with. I really dont have a good rendering method currently, I want to move to something I have in mine. Its something that I have heard of before here, but I don't have a complete grasp on the concept so I will probably write up something to keep it on track.

On another note, I have been messing with the overclocking with this board. Its much nicer than my old generation hardware. I'm running a modest 245 fsb, and my memory is divided to stay running at 199 MHz. Its not good RAM for running much above spec, value ram. :) So yeah, my A64 3000+ that runs stock at 1.8 GHz is stable at 2.2 GHz, for several days now. I even ran prime95 for over 8 hours, which is good enough for my to call stable. The winchester core on this chip keeps it pretty cool, when it was new (stock speeds) it only hit 41*C under load. At 2.2 it only ran up to 45*C. I'm happy with the results. I even went so far as to buy PCMark04 Pro, its only $19.95 and I have used their stuff for years, so I figured what the heck right. I mean, if I ever truly hope to be a software programmer I need to correct alot of the bad 'copyright-karma' that I built up from my younger years. I don't know what else to write, so TTYL! OMG LOL!!!1
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