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Walkin the walk.

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Stephen R


I finished the movement code for all the characters in the game. It wasn't to difficult but I had to rewrite it from scratch today because of a major flaw in my previous logic. It now works properly without any hitches that I can see so far.

The next job is the most interesting thing I'll have to do for this game - generate the FOVs for the player and the guards. I'm not fully sure how its going to work. I've done basic ray intersecting with boxes in a grid when I made my small, rediculously buggy, version of wolf a while ago. THats going to be the basic opperation that I'll have to perform but I'm not quite sure about the rest of the logic yet. This should definately be one of the more enjoyable tasks of the game.

I was reading up on Ogre yesterday and today after Rob Loach's recommendation. I don't intend to actually use it - I just want to see how a good engine works, especially the interface it provides to the client app. I was extremenly impressed by Ogre - it has a really nice interface for the client, which I'm going to go over again before I restructure my engine. The guts of the engine were also quite interesting. It'll take me another few days before I've got the layout of the engine clear in my mind, but it's far better than mine at the moment. Not that I'm having any real problems with my engine, its just that there are some aspects of the design which could really do with a bit of restructuring and refinement.

Hopefully I'll be able to get the FOV code finished tomorrow. Once thats in place then almost all the visual code is in place and I can get down to gameplay.
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