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Since writing that post I've gone for food, chatted on IRC, watched Stargate SG1, and Stargate Atlantis. My byte scheduler code looks like this:

namespace ByteScheduler
class ByteScheduler


I suck.
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Man, you need to slow down. Code too fast and all you'll do is include errors. Slow down, take it easy. You should watch a movie or two, then come back to it.

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I found out forcing yourself to code doesn't work very well.
But then, having the intarweb doesn't help either.

Ergo, the solution is to destroy the intarweb without coding anything, then bore yourself until you have nothing to do (or eat, because you have no more money because you got fired because of inactivity) besides code, then start coding, and hope for the best!

Granted I've done this three times now, and look what I'm doing right now...

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