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ARG! I finally dragged myself to write a class to handle input, and it's so shoddily done that I'm surprised it even compiles. Throw that in with the UBER SHODDY scripting engine, and you have one demoralized Mushu.

That, and I can't remember how to use my graphics interface...

(oh, and the Maplestory patcher borked, corrupted the client, so I redownloaded the client package (almost 300MB!) only to find that the said package successfully uninstalls Maple after 15 minutes of time-wasting. I'm running the crappy thing again... oops - it's almost done. Enough babbling for now!)
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Abandon the engine-making-shtick and go with a third-party one.

You'll thank me for it later. Really.

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Not just the engine, abandon the full-thing. Outsourcing dude, that's the future.

The only downside (to us, at least [grin]) is that you'll get more time to write more of your insightful journal entries.

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I need the language experience... gar... maybe I shuold just hire me some Indian/Taiwanese workers

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