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Freakin' hell

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Bit the bullet and picked up a GeForce 6800 GT (PNY) to replace the disfunctional 5700 that was in this box until now (see previous entries). And...

Holy freakin' cow.

The Golem3D engine runs like a gol-durned bullet train. I get about 260 FPS on the Windows machine (6600), and on this one I now get about 640FPS with the same scene. Damn.

I usually don't spend that much money on graphics cards (exhibit A: until I put the bad 5700 in here, I had a GF2...), since I don't really play very many games any more, but I figured I might as well step up a notch or two, since I'm wanting to do some playing around with shaders and I don't want to have to buy another new card in just a few months.

Glitch is gone, and the engine runs flawlessly. Time to do some cleanup on the map engine and start in on the 'guts' of the game.

EDIT: Oh, yeah. That thing is a monster, too. It barely fit, what with my memory being all up in the way and whatnot. Damned thing takes up half the case. Sheesh.
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OK time to start saving, I can no longer stand my 5200, especially since I am getting intrested in shaders.

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I've got a 5200 and I can see getting a new one soon. I had a GF3 before this one and in some cases that card ran faster than the 5200?! I'm still not sure if I'll switch to ATI.

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Lucky you, I have a Radeon 7000 and it still has to stay with me some years more.

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