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work sucks!!!

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Ok, this is just getting frustrating. When you begin work at 7:30am you should be able to leave after 10 hours. Hopefully this week will get better and I can get back to work on my stuff without my brain feeling like a fried egg.
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Because my dumb ass never finished college or got the certifications needed to get a real job, I manage a carpet/tile warehouse in Chicago that has come to rely on me for 10-12 hours a day and pays me just enough so that it is a cut in pay to start somewhere new. Someday I will finish school and get some certifications and move on to bigger and better things, but like most people I got in debt and have to pay "The Man". Unfortunately those temp tech support jobs just weren't paying the rent so I needed to take a steady job. The job tself isn't so bad, but the time it consumes is just wearing me out.

BTW EDI: I noticed you're from Mass.? I am from RI originally. My sister goes to UMASS Dartmouth currently and I get out there once in a while. Ever end up in that area at all?


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