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Shoot. A mistake to fix.

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I realized something last night while putting together the weapons list with all the stats. According to my original Defense to Attack Matrix, defenses to Pierce attacks are as follows: Dodge - good, Parry - avg, Block - poor.

But as I wrote up the stats for arrows and shots, I realized that 'Block' would be a very good defense for a ranged attack. I had just though it would be the worst defense for a dagger-type Pierce attack. What I know, though, is that if players are attacked at a range, most of them will try blocking with a shield. I have to make the Block defense the best vs. Pierce attacks. And since I shifted that part of the matrix, Ill have to shift some other parts around to keep it balanced.

Wasnt too bad though. Heres the updated Defense to Attack Matrix:
Type of Defense | Eff vs. Chop | Eff vs. Slash | Eff vs. Pierce
Dodge | good | poor | avg
Parry | avg | good | poor
Block | poor | avg | good

Ahh! Much better! :D
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