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It's been a long time since I put anything in here.

Since my last post, i've started school again, and Calculus II sucks [sad]. One good thing to come from school though is some interest in doing a game or two within the Computer Science people. Since i'm one of the few that have game experience, i've been sort of nominated into the role of project leader. So far i've just been making a lot of suggestions. No development has started yet, but i'm thinking to start everyone off, we should start on Tetris or Pong or something like that.

Personally, me and a friend have come up with an idea for an isometric game that we'd like to pursue. I ordered TANSTAAFL's Isometric Game Programming in DirectX 7.0 from Amazon marketplace for $3.00! The shipping brought the grand total up to $6.49. Not bad. I'll read up on that, but instead of DirectX, I plan to use SDL if possible. From what i've read, that's not going to be much of a problem.

Another thing i've done, or actually, will start to do, is a website management position for Ethereal Darkness Interactive, and their first game, Morning's Wrath. This should be a fun thing to do, and the game looks awesome so far. There's not a lot on their site, but you can see a good many screenshots here
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And we are very glad to have your help =)

I have a copy of IGPWDX7, thought I bought it at full price (doh!), It is a very good book, it wont teach you everything you need to know, but it will set you on the right road =)


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