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A dash of detail

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So, it was decided a while ago, that us with full time jobs and/or college should take things somewhat easy on the week days, so that we are nice and ready for the weekends.

So i tend to do graphics durring the week, since they are fairly low impact, and I spend all day at work programing.

Is that a crystal on your map? or are you just glad to see me?
heh, that joke never gets old, anyway, so yesterday I finally decided it would be good to put some crystaline things inside the Ruined Atrium, for those of you that dont know, the ruined atrium is where the tainted mana well is, and it doesnt have much going on.

Now, note this screen shot, is REALLY OLD!, the ruined atrium looks MUCH BETTER than this now, but it is still fairly desolate as far as scenery goes, this is the only shot of it i had online, so it'll have to do.

so, per the story, the mana has been tainted by disolving ground minerals (mana in it's natural form is liquid and very caustic), the mana is tainted specifically because it has a large disolved content of lead in it.

But to get to the point, to spice things up on this map, we thought, how about if the mana caused these neat crystal formations to form out of some of these rocky deposits on the ground. Well, everyone liked this idea, so after some 3D magic I came up with these...

so these will be used as some scenery, we will place them around the map, and probably have them give off a faint blue glow.

they will use a special alpha channel, so that the crystals will be translucent.

does this sound like a good idea? any comments?

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