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Entry #80!!

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  • Random Observation of the Day!!!
    Hitlar? or Hitlar?
    (in response to John Hattan's comments)

Okay, so as promised, I present to you:
Mushu's Approved Journals of Awesomeness!!
Okay, so if you're not on a list, don't panic - there's always the next time I rate all the journals. And, uh, these are in no particular order; well, they are, it just kind of depends on how far down the journal selection screen you are at this very moment, because that's what I'm reading from. ANYWAY! THE WINNARS ARE...

  • Gaiden's Scroll! It's pretty well-written, and well, it has cool pics/videos so I don't have to read anything..

  • Noaktree Roots Again, I'm just looking at the pictures, and these are almost better than pr0n. I mean... just look at those reflections!

  • Exclamation in progress, standby... Some funny stuff (it's Pouya)

  • Reminisiencence He ripped me off, but that's cool, because almost every post has a random picutre after its apparent random nonsense... [wink]

  • and finally... The Code Zone Developer Diary Makes me wish I had money to spend... and, come on? 26K hits? I'm SURE that's hacked, but oh well... can't argue!

A big round of applause for all the contestants!! [clap]

I'll write up the honorable mentions tommorrow, but don't worry - if you're not on the list, it might be because you're on the honorable mentions list!!! (or maybe not)

In a couple of weeks I'll compile the top Q journal commentator/peanut gallery list, which a lot of my regular readers will probably find their sardonic names.. uh, sardonically scrawled in arial/times/the default font of your current board theme.

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Recommended Comments

JohnHattan (CodeZone) has had a gdnet hosted journal for many, many years--far longer than the current free-for-all journal setup has been in existence, which is why he has so many pageviews, since the pageviews carried over.

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The pageviews didn't carry over. I never even kept hitcounts until I moved it to gamedev.

The reason's more obvious than that. I've just got around 500 entries, so there's a lot more to read.

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Comeon guys; this was never meant to be taken so seriously!

We all know johnhattan is no hacker. [wink]

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