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Slightly over optimisitc.

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Stephen R


When I said yesterday that I might be finished the FOV code by tonight I was being stupidly over optimistic. I have the rendering code in place - that wasn't a problem. I'm currently working on my ray casting code. The ray casting function is going to be the basis for a LOT of the game logic besides working out teh FOVs, so it has to work well. Right now I may as well replace the contents of the function with rand(). I'm currently trying to debug the function but I haven't worked out where the problem is yet. Then once thats out of the way there is the rest of the FOV creation to be done.

It should look really well though when its done. There is a new player sprite map and new tiles too so the game is really beginning to look cool. Once the FOV working I'll post a new screeny.

EDIT: I managed to fix the ray casting code. I'd rushed through the code without thinking about it closely enough. All my problems derived from the fact the I was careless with signs in my calculations. We'll that'll teach me to think about this kind of stuf before I write it.
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