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Return of the King or something like that....

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Well it looked like my hiatus has lasted longer than expected. Currently at work we are coming to the end of a software migration using SIEBEL and it's been a total pain the soft part of my arse, not to mention the hi-jacking of my personal life. But things are slowing down and soon we will enter the developers support phase by april so...yea

As things begin to wind down, and J2EE starts to slip away, and the introduction of software configuration and scripting begin to rear their ugly heads...Im drawn back to the crave which is C++ ...because for some reason, IT departments in the corporate world arent looking for "real software engineers"...they just want "admins" and "configurators", trust me thats another rant at another time.

So for now, my personal goals for 2005 are as follows:

1. Get my C++ skills on par with my JAVA skills (that would be awesome)
2. Finally play catch up and get caught up from DX8 to DX9.
3. Refresh my Trig & Calc skills.
4. Complete a small platform style 2D game as planned earlier.
5. By the end of this year start development on a 3D engine.
6. Read at least four good Graphics/AI Books by years end.

That should keep me busy through to xmas for sure :)

The biggest feather in my hat out of these goals would be number 5, when that happens I know that I have had a good year.

Opps I forgot to add 6a.

6a. Keep my journal updated...I am paying for this :)

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Switching from Dx8 to Dx9 has been worth it for me - though I stopped depending on the animation classes because Microsoft kept changing them on me. Good luck to you!

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