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Damn am I wiped out. Too many early days this week. I'm so tired I couldn't even read all the journal entries before mine like I normally do. I got to Stro's and then gave up, cause my eyes wanna close. So sorry about that guys.

By tired, I don't mean it like, for example, I'm tired of game development, it's just exhaustion. I've been busy doing interviews for GDnet, on top of ramping up my work with GameInstitute, and just handling daily emails and keeping track of all my various tasks has become quite a burden. It's manageable, but after a while it starts to eat at me. I think I'm seriously going to start spending weekends away from the computer, since during the week I'm doing so much work on it.

Speaking of GI - I had lunch with my boss today in the city and got the full briefing about where the company is headed. Man am I psyched. If any of you reading this are GI students, stick around, cause we got some awesome shit coming. Look at that. I'm so excited I cursed for the first time in my journal :P Of course I can't say anything, but a lot of it will be happening within the next few months anyways, so there's not long to wait.

In other news, my procrastination cost me my car. My oil change mileage sticker fell off my windshield who knows when, and so two weeks or so ago my oil check light started coming on intermittenly. I was going to get it changed then, along with getting my bike fixed at the same time, but then it freaking snowed. So I couldn't get my bike to the shop so I waited. Monday comes and my engine starts tapping. Uh oh. I took it in Wed morning and my mechanic laughed at me and told me I needed a new car. I had like no oil in it. Doh.

So now I need a new car. My car still runs, but it's at the point of possibly dying at the side of the road at any time. I'm making just enough to afford monthly payments on a healthy-sized loan to buy a new car tho (even after rent and my laptop payments). Still I may need to pick up a weekend job. Tho GI is supposed to officially get me on the payroll soon, so that could help. Either way it sucks - tho it is the excuse I need to go looking for a used Hyundai Tiburon GT V6. If you know anyone in NJ who's selling, lemme know [smile]

Okay that's all for now. My eyes are seriously blurring over. And it's only 10:20 pm! Tho I did have to get up at 8am today to head into the city... and 9am the day before... ugh :P I'm sleeping like 8 hours tonight. Damn straight...
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