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Yeah, so that whole "I'm moving to Seattle" thing isn't actually happening anymore. Erp.

I got so pissed off about it that I deleted all my previous journal posts. In retrospect, I'm not entirely certain what that was supposed to accomplish. Ah drat. To make up for this, here's an awesome picture of some dancing animals.


I'll be reformatting my computer and putting in a new video card this weekend. It's long overdue for an overhaul, considering I haven't reformatted or upgraded this computer since I built it 2.5 years ago.

I bought a Dodge Viper. Royal Blue. *drool*
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Well basically I was in negotiations with a certain company in or near Seattle for the past 3 months for a job. Everything was going great. After my phone interviews they flew me up, paid for everything, and I had a whole day of interviews; 9 of them, as well as a presentation to about 20 people on a certain product development team.

Seven of my interviewers told me things like "You'll fit in perfectly around here", "I really look forward to working with you", "Definitely keep in touch with me", and so on.

So a normal person would think the job was his, right?

Well, not quite. I get home and there's an e-mail saying that they're not going to pursue a job offer with me any longer, and they can't give me any details about why.

Motherfucking PISSES ME OFF. I don't get the job, and I have no idea why either. I don't even know what to try to improve for any future endeavours in my life. I am so aggravated, and the way they led me on for months and suddenly tore the dreams apart with no warning makes me certain that I will never be doing business with them ever again.

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Those animals are almost in sync with "Children of the Sandstorm" (Robert Miles vs Darude). Almost but not quite. Could we file a bug on this one?

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That sucks. You could contact them and ask why you didn't get it, then you would actually have some grounds on where to improve.... Or you could also just show up on the start date and pretend you work there. That would be quite enjoyable.

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I did. They said they were not allowed to disclose that information:


Hello Ron,

I am not at liberty to disclose any additional details about the interview results but I would encourage you to pursue opportunities at censored in a contingent staff or full time capacity in the future and I wish you all the success in doing that.

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