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And the beat goes on...

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Well so far so good, but your focus is always like that in the beginning :)

Anyway, one thing I did discover is that if you know C++ and I mean know it, starting over or trying to review it sucks. It's weird but I have been coding for what seems like eons but more or less, C- style languages and JAVA.
On one hand it felt good to know that I still have it C++ wise but no matter how long I've been away from it I don't have to start over. What I did decide to do was basically start off where I felt I needed the most work such as templates, vectors, STL stuff etc.
And my love affair with Math is funny...I just love math, but it is definitely one of those if you don't use it...you lose it type of deals for me.
Just thinking ahead here but I should be back up to snuff with trig by the spring and flirting with Calc by summers end. Although for what I want to do trig should serve me well I may just jump into this book on 3D mathematics I bought a while back and start working out of that.

On a different note, the company I work for has an account with http://www.skillport.com/ and it's pretty cool. Anything you can think of from programming to networking to anything IT related is there for you to study and learn. But what I thought was the best perk of all is the access to "Books 24/7". After spending several hours at that site via our account I was hooked. What's so cool about it is that you get access to a large selection books on damn near every subject under the sun.

Now I'm a "Professional Services Software Developer" ....sounds so cool having it roll of your tongue lol. But I should be out at this site setting up my bookshelf's with books on J2EE, WEB SPHERE development, XML, WEB Services etc...and I did but...
I have this bookshelf now on Game Development, to my surprise there were a load of Prima press books and others out there on the subject. The best part about it is that now I get to actually look at books that I would otherwise be leary of and qualify them before I buy them at amazon. Heck if the book has CD content I have access to that too!...it's just toot sweet if you ask me.

This weekend should be fun though...more C++ coding and math refreshing, just trying to get that solid base before I actually start swimming in the sea of graphics coding again.

Next time I will probably speak on the fact that I would really love the opportunity to translate my current skills and try to get into the game industry. The only thing I would be interested in is either engine programming or network coding. But building an engine first would really show me if it's truly worth trying to make the switch. The corporate world is slowly turning away from programming and the poltics are very boring to me. If I could code all day Id be happy as hell....really I would. Time will tell.
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