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So we held auditions today for this season's Batman show at Six Flags. It was a bit dissapointing, turnout wise. We just had some of the cast from the Darien Lake show up by Buffalo show up - no local talent at all, which was pretty weird, since last year I heard we got a bunch of people from NYC and Philly and other areas. But oh well, we'll probably hold one more audition later on.

It was still fun though - kinda like a big reunion, which was great. I hadn't seen a lot of last year's cast in a few weeks or months even. I was mostly taping, since I plan to put together a sort of documentary/memories tape at the end of the season. I've been looking for a good excuse to get into video editing for a while. And since it seems my Star Wars short film won't get shot anytime soon, this is the best chance I have.

So rehearsals for this season start on May 1st, and the show opens Memorial Day weekend. Should be interesting!
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I have just about 0 physical ability, but it would be mega-cool to be in a Batman or other equally cool show like that.

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Video editing is soooo cool! I've been into that since forever. I have some old analog equipment just laying around but you're probably more into the digital stuff huh?

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Can I be "guy buying newspaper at newspaper machine"?

I think Bruce Campbell will be fighting you for that role!

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