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Weapons List Alpha

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I threw together this list of weapons over the weekend. Just the basics for now, until I can build the battle system. Feel free to call foul on my reasoning for the numbers, but remember, its only an alpha. I will still need to balance everything later. I did take some balancing into effect already though. Most weapons have an offset. Either they are heavier, or slower, or do less damage than their counterparts. Allows for better strategy. ;) Here they are:

GF Weapons List:

Name - Weight/Speed/Types/DamagePerType/Range

Stone - 1/x/P/P2/x
Shot - 1/x/P/P3/x
Sling - 1/8/x/x/15
Slingshot - 3/6/x/x/20

Dart - 1/4/P/P4/5
Blow Dart - 1/x/P/P4/x
Blow Gun - 2/5/x/x/20
Throwing Dagger - 2/5/P/P5/10
Throwing Knife - 5/7/CP/C3P6/10
Throwing Axe - 6/8/C/C8/5

Bolt - 1/x/P/P5/x
Arrow - 1/x/P/P8/x
Short Bow - 4/8/x/x/20
Common Bow - 5/8/x/x/24
Long Bow - 8/12/x/x/40
Hunters Bow - 5/10/x/x/50
Rangers Bow - 6/8/x/x/30
Cross Bow - 12/12/x/x/60

Fang - 2/2/P/P8/x
Dagger - 3/2/P/P6/x
Spike - 2/2/P/P6/x

Knife - 4/2/SP/S5P8/x
Hunting Knife - 6/3/SP/S6P10/x
Crescent Knife - 8/2/S/S6/x

Short Sword - 6/5/SP/S8P6/x
Common Sword - 10/6/SPC/S10P8C4/x
Long Sword - 12/8/SPC/S10P10C8/x
Thick Sword - 10/6/SPC/S8P12C6/x
Double Handed Sword - 15/10/SC/S12C10/x

Stick - 2/2/SPC/S4P4C4/x
Club - 4/4/SPC/S6P6C6/x
Stave - 4/3/SPC/S6P6C6/x
Staff - 6/5/SPC/S8P8C8/x
Mace - 8/5/SPC/S10P10C10/x
Flail - 6/3/SPC/S8P8C8/x
Spear - 6/5/P/P10/X
Halbred - 10/8/SC/S6C12/x

Axe - 6/6/C/C10/x
Chopping Axe - 6/4/C/C8/x
War Axe - 10/10/C/C14/x

Hammer - 6/4/C/C8/x
Smithing Hammer - 4/4/C/C6/x
War Hammer - 8/12/C/C14/x

Pick - 5/5/PC/P4C6/x
Mining Pick - 5/3/C/C5/x
War Pick - 8/10/C/C12/x
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