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THUD Update

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More progress has been made with the THUD font engine that is currently being worked on. The font engine has now got built in '\n' support and Custom Proportion Adaptation.

The first meaning that you can specify:

"I wrote this program\nDavid Lovegrove"

and the engine will wrap the text to the next line as shown in the pic here.

The second meaning that u can scale and position it customly :).

As you can see it is making progress but the quality of the actual font isnt that good. The one produced from the tool i'm using appears to produce off center characters, so thats about as good as it will get without another tool.

There are two more features that i plan to add to the font engine either now or in the near future.

a) Equation Manipulation, i would like it to be possible for the user to provide a simply equation for the text. Like a simple vector or even a parabola.
b) Auto-paragraphing. Its a preset property of the text descriptor that u can set paragraph borders, This is not yet implemented but will be in due course.

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You might want to start working on something else soon or you'll be working on that font engine forever.

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U mean cos i could just keep adding features? or because it's a bad thing?


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