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Super Bowl Sunday

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Ok, so i'm not exactly a huge football fan, but i've gotten a lot more into it during the playoffs and Super Bowl. Tonight's game was pretty good, but I was wanting the Eagles to win. I was more interested in seeing American Dad, and I love it. Same humor as Family Guy with some political jokes thrown in. I hope Fox doesn't shelve it.

This weekend was somewhat productive. I did my first bit of work for Ethereal Darkness Interactive. I took on the position of website manager, and so far i've done an introductory interview with three members of the team to give some more insight into the team and basic info. about the upcoming game, Morning's Wrath. From what i've heard and seen from Raymond, the game is going to be mucho awesome. My job in coming weeks/months (if they keep me around that long, haha), will be to provide more info for the game to the public, and hype/promote it as it gets closer to beta and release. I've enjoyed the first bit of work i've done and hope to do much more.
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