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Well I did make it back to the code yesterday. I started working in the DirectInput, and I tried to get a loading screen working. I ended up with a memory leak of some sort. Kinda discouraging. But I was pretty happy to just get back into it. Still spending too much time playing games, but thats okay. I was also trying to get a GameMenu class working. I wanted to use the 3D Mesh Font thingie but I have having too much trouble getting to to generate the text mesh. So I think I will just make the menu with a 3d modeler program and store it as mesh files. I dont know, I really like the idea of generating it within the code, but it seems like its going to be soo much harder this way.

Nothing else new really, except my monitor is getting to bad! It flickers to an orange color now and then. Maybe the blue is going out, I dunno, but I do know its just the cord, I am able to get it to happen/go-away if I twist the VGA cord. This monitor is old, so I guess its about time. I cant find a 19" CRT that gets good reviews, and the 17" LCDs are out of my range. :(
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