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Done done done omg done

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Picture that best sums up this update:

I am very happy right now. The GDnet humour portal is up and running, and I have been able to solve the biggest bug the site was having (ie. Massive blank spaces everywhere). The site is still in the testing stage, so head on over to here to check it out.

I do feel guilty though since I have really neglected other projects I should be working on (K2, Oth, Ainokea, if you are reading this, hello!). Hopefully once the site opens officialy I can catch up with all my other work.

This updates prediction of the future: In the year 2070, Sim-everything is released, giving the player the ability to do everything in the universe. It is so advanced that God appears to us all and claims that he too has been running a copy of this, and that we are all just part of a gigantic omnipotent gamespy server which he is just one of many players in (just as every person who plays the game is). Since he wants us to keep being ourselves in his server, he challenges our greatest warrior to a match of Unreal Tournament 2070, with the winner keeping the rights to keep playing the game. He loses 28-30. He accuses us of wall hacks.
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