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I don't know what that was.

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Whatever problem I was having with frame rate before, I seemed to have fixed it. I'm thinking back and I had 4xAA 8xAF and the DX Debug library installed, so that might have been it. :) But I also got the runtime text generation working, D3DXCreateText to be exact. Its looks like I can use my current mesh manager to hold all my 3d menu mesh objects, which is cool. I didnt want to have a seperate table for the menu objects, I just increased my hashtable size by about 2000.

Still working out the non-zero reference, cant find it as hard as I try. I have read about a memory-tracker that you overwrite the new and delete functions and add in a function to track news and deletes. I think I will work on getting that in tonight.

My collision detection is showing me its weakness. If the sphere passes thru 3 AABBs in the timeframe, it registeres the collision at the nearest AABB to the spheres final poisition, insted if the nearest AABB to the spheres starting position. Oh well, more work to do I guess.

I guess I will update the file on my webspace, its been a while.
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