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crunch tiem!!

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Gonna be facing a mini-crunch these next few days. Poo.

After that, I should have some time for some development. Many props to Alpha_ProgDes for the extra DreamCast links he sent. My Dev Cable arrived today too, so hopefully I'm gonna get some DC stuff cranked. Probably start with KGL and then maybe try out some PowerVR dev... =)

Random Note: I frickin' hate MS FrontPage generated HTML.

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Random Note: I frickin' hate MS FrontPage generated HTML.

Seconded. I've never seen a visual HTML editor that produces something neat, actually. Although HTML Tidy helps a bit, I always prefer doing stuff in notepad2.

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Stock up on that Mountain Dew/coffee/caffeinated beverage of choice, crunch-boy. [grin]

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DreamWeaver has the power of FrontPage (if not more) and doesn't add the random crap that comes with FrontPage. I suggest you check it out. It's the best web development software I've seen.

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Oh... I'm not using it myself... I'm cleaning up after it [sad]

Dreamweaver is indeed Boss, but I can't afford it on my salary - at least, not the newer versions. I got to try it out at Uni though (back in the day) and must say, kicks major ass.

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