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Surprisingly Scary...

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I finally broke down and bought Doom 3 today, yeah I know Im late :) but Best Buy was running a sale for $34.99. Although I still dont have HalfLife 2 yet but its coming.
Anyway, I must say this game scared the bejezus out of me...now dont get me wrong I aint no punk but still. I sat in my computer room turned off all the lights and put on my headphones, cranked up the sound just like it said on the manual...(Why did I do that?)
The graphics are cool very cool, but what I think it was that got me was the sound fx and music score. The audio in this game really helped to sell the atmosphere and the tension, not to mention some of the baddies that you have to deal with are just plain errie.
Now I consider myself to be one of the biggest Carmack fanboy's on earth and a faithful of the entire Doom - Quake series because I own them all, even the collector editions that were available I tried to get each. Which reminds me that Im gonna look for a collectors edition of this if its available.
But back to why I felt like a little biznatch,Im still on the part where I just found the scientist and then all hell breaks loose. Yet I turned it off when you meet the baddie that sort of reminds you of that monster in R.E. that was mutated from the T-Virus.
Oh, that sh!t kinda scared me...I think I was too into it LOL, and Im starring this baddie down with just a hand gun because Im shooting what little shells I have left at shadows of all things.
But afaik if that is the type of emotion this game can get out of me then the $39.99 was well worth it. I hope HL2 brings the same level of gratification as well.
Honestly, I dont get to caught up in how good does this look on my vid card, or the modeling has to be top notch. I judge a game sometimes on if I can get lost in that world and actually become the lead character...with this game it's not really that hard when your playing a movie :)
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