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slow week thus far

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So last night I had a talk with, Tarviathun, he's a new member of the isometric forum (though apparently he has been lurking for a while), he seemed very interested with the work my team and I are doing on Morning's Wrath and decided that he would like to get involved if he could.

Given his genuine interest and his diverse skillset we decided that he would be writing the dialogue for the game's intro, which for those of you who dont know, is composed of 12 hand-drawn still frames that will be put together with music and dialogue.

The intro has been long overlooked due to other more pressing needs, but at least now we can get that done in parralel.

Protection Damage Accumulator Implented

So last night, after talking with Tarviathun, it was on the brink of turn-in-time, so I knew I had to act quickly.
I implemented the new fix to the battle system which was outlined below, and then ran the game.

Sure enough I was able to beat-down every single enemy, Now, it should be noted that I had god-mode on, if I went toe-to-toe with these enemies without it I would have been smeared instantly.

So after taking care of most of the easy enemies and medium enemies with melee, I decided to try some spell casting.

A few shots of fire-wave took out the already weakened mediums, but found i will still plugging away at the hards (tough little buggers), so then i tried to make a bigger spell, so i made, Fire Blast Circlet Wave, and a few shots of that cleared them out, this is good because it shows that making more powerful spells allows you to dispense of your enemies quicker.

So the initial stages of 'balencing' the game have gone well, now i need to balence morning in accordance with the enemy stats, and then test out the milestone system, and how 'leveling' will affect your battle ability.

So, i will do that tonight =)
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