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Step two

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I have not designed and implimented a game menu in a long time. So very long that I was afarid to approach it, maybe thats why I waited to long. Well now I have a 3D menu for my game, super simple, New Game / Exit only. Nothing really special, it is its own class and handles its own KB input. I guess it came out better than I expected. I still have an idea for a more complicated system, but I have no need to use such a system currently. I don't think I will add an Options menu. If there is configurable options in the game, I will try to use a config file.

I also simply added a new material to be used on the selected menu item, and I also decided to use the material for the sphere. It was really difficult to see the sphere vs the background texture before.

Tonight I will be getting the text centered. This should be as simple as reading the verts and taking maxX - minX / 2 to get the center value.
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