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Making great progress on terrain component

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Been working on terrain rendering and interaction lately. I had an old codebase that rendered the terrain format from Nexus, but it needed a lot of updates to be useful to the editor. One decent change was the conversion of the old fixed function pipeline to the programmable pipeline using HLSL and an Effect file. I'm having some scaling issues right now, but I just have to figure out how I want to handle it within Nexus World Builder.

I've also gone through and did a bunch of optimizations and deprecated code removal on source files that are more or less finished.

Here are a couple recent screenshots of the terrain system so far. I still need to port a couple features over from Nexus. You can see some screenshots of the terrain engine in my GDNet article posted a few months ago: Box Filtering Height Maps for Smooth Rolling Hills

Aside from the editor, I'm also working on a book topic about generating and deploying software updates using a modified Levenshtein distance and QuickSort hybrid. The code is all done except for a fancier UI and deployment method, and the topic is almost written too. I am trying to figure out a good title for it though. Here are four variations off the top of my head:

Binary Patching using a Levenshtein Distance and QuickSort Hybrid
Creating and Deploying Toolset Patches
Creating and Deploying Toolset Updates
Creating and Deploying Toolset Updates using a Distance and QuickSort Hybrid.

Any ideas or suggestions?
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I like "Creating and Deploying Toolset Updates". It's simple, descriptive, and easy to remember. Your editor is looking nice.

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Thank you ;)

Actually, another guy also stated that he liked choice #3. I think I'll use it.


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