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Ols (Away)

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Ols - lets bounce

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Today has been pretty uneventful and generally just slow after the ecstatic and lively day that was yesterday. I think I must have decided that I deserved a rest, or else I was just being excessively lazy, because not only did I have a lie-in, but I also didnt really get much done!

Fixed a problem with the AI car getting confused with map coordinates and screen coordinates, which now should make all movement PERFECT.

Started work on the AI algorithm. It looks like the best way to describe it would be as a sort of expert system. I have expereince with these as my masters dissertation was a football results predictor which made use of an expert system. That one was far more 'trained' than the one I am currently creating.

The current one is far more 'a set of rules that are to be followed' rather than an educated expert system. This may well become more adapted as time goes by, but at this point it doesnt seem necessary to make it more advanced, and so I doubt that I will do that; just depends how successful this turns out to be.

For those requesting screenshots, I will try and get some up tomorrow, but a couple of cars moving along a road is not REALLY going to be that exciting. Ah well, one most satisfy ones audience :-)
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