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Not Much Happening

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Rob Loach


I didn't really do anything exciting today. I uploaded the FMOD DevPak I created to DevPaks.org . It's pretty neat, check it out if you use FMOD with Dev-C++. I'd like any feedback on it.

One of my friends was asking for an easy way to kill processes so I came up with ProcessKill:

When run, it just goes through the text file and closes the processes inside it. I'll upload it if I find the time.

I also fixed up the rotation, vector math and frame rate in the engine. It now looks for fluent and actually runs faster. Doesn't look that much different though so I don't see the need to upload a screenshot.

Random Interest

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About the package:

1) it installs correclty on my strange setup (devcpp is installed in C:\[edt]\[perso]\[projects]\[programming]\Dev-Cpp, while all the other programs are installed in the "program files" folder. I have tons of packages installed, making the Dev-CPP folder something I'd call teh h0rr0rz).

2) I took my tic-tac-toe (it uses FMOD to play some sound) and modified my code a little in order to match you requirement (#include <FMOD/fmod.h>, link with -lFMOD), recompile. Everything OK.

3) That's how I expected it to work, so I guess you won. Congrats :)

4) When you say you love me, how much do you love me? [grin]

Best regards,

Emmanuel D.

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Good to know. Thanks a lot.

I got a request to add an example project template in there so, I shall do that sometime soon.

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