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Well... If there isn't a vast improvement int eh Java2D version of my engine, I'm switching to openGL. In fact, I AM switching to OpenGL.

Now, the problem that I've been having is this, when I change the display matrix to show everything isometrically, and then assign 1 to equal one pixel I get this result:

There is a slight bit of black coming through the different tiles...
I read on the forums that maybe a .375 or .5 offset should be used, but I've gone with .005 increments from -1 to 1 on both the x and y(z?) and yet I can still make out the barely black lines...

So I am not sure what exactly is causing this :|
You can't notice it very well, but it is there for sure.

But the good thing about the OpenGL engine so far is that it was getting 200FPS with just brute forcing it! This means that I can probably implement it at full screen and still pull some decent FPS.

hmmm... I'm looking more into JOGL, it looks better than the one I'm using....

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