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The past few days

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In the last few days we (me and Sadez) worked at the Barren Moon's server. He is working at the monsters/animals AI, while I am working at the vegetation part and harvesting.
Unfortunately, we had a lot of problems with the client/server maps syncronization, so in the last few days we had to spend a considerable amount of time fixing those issues. When something was fixed, another problem occured. For the time being, it appears that client and server syncronize the maps properly. But there are a few things we didn't test yet, so there might be problems in the future.
A nice thign about Barren Moon, which Eternal Lands does not have is that the monsters will actually be intelligent, and 'alive'. they will not just wonder around aimlesly, and attack players, but they will also look for food (each monster has a table with the objects and animal types it eats), shit (to enrich the soil), and try to avoid the enemies (which are defiend per monster). So if a rabbit sees an wolf, it will try to run away, while the wolf, if hungy, will try to eat the rabbit.
Furthermore, some animals will respawn when they die (the wild animals) while the domesticated animals will NOT respawn when they die, but they will reproduce under the right circumstances.
So slaugheting all the cows in a city will be a bad idea, at least two cows should be left so they reproduce.

The harvesting system is much different from Eternal Lands, so the resources are limited. That is, there is only so much you can harvest from a plant, for example. In addition, some resources will slowly regenerate, even if they are depelated. But the regeneration will be slow, much like the gas in Starcraft.
Since the harvesting system is different, I had some problems addapting the Eternal Lands system to the Barren Moon one, and last night I had to spend hours debugging stuff. Right now it works as expected, but it is not totally finished yet.
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Recommended Comments

Will the cows be a certain gender? Will you have male and female cows, which will be able to mate, or will you have a generic cow that mates with another generic cow?

Also, what if someone decides to kill all of the cows just because they want to? Will cows ever be introduced back into the system?

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We decided against genders, would make things too complicated. Instead we'll make the animals hermaphrodite.
As for the extinction of a species, no, that wo't happen, there will be places (AI controlled) where you can buy domesticated animals.

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Thanks :)
We hope it will be an unique game, like no other (a combination between an MMORPG and a MMORTS). Unfortunately, making such games can be very frustrating, because the more complex a game is the more ways it can go wrong :)

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I'm also excited about this game. I've learned a lot from reading the source code for the EL client. Keeping up with your progress is motivation for me to make some progress of my own. Keep up the great journals.

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