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OS and quantantium engine updates

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My operating system now has a nice set of gdt's,idt's,isr's,irq's, keyboard driver thing, and a nice timer for the delay() function. :)
First release will be for just testing on more than my 3 computers.
I might release after I have paging and a simple command line up. :)

Hopefully I can get this vesa info drilled into my head and get that commandline into vesa. :) I already have a GUI desinged in my head, but that will come after applications and floppy drivers, etc.

Quantantium engine almost has particls.
I had a brain fart and couldn't remeber how to populate a vector. I feel really dumb after that one. Could be why I have not coded at all today.

Thanks for reading.

edit: wo0t!!!1 over 2000 views :)

I also have some good osdev tutorials up on my site. I would like to thank warmaster199 from osdever.net for letting me use them on my site. I will finish porting them to my tutorial page sometime this week. Until then you can get the rest of the tutorials here: http://osdever.net/bkerndev/index.php?the_id=90

In other news, my xp machine now looks like a nice redhat bluecurve kde syste. [grin] I love themexp.org. :P
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