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Extreme Home Makeover

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So, in about 2 hours (10:30 PM) I get to go to work. Our company is doing the bathtub finish work for a house for that Extreme Home Makeover show. Initially we were supposed to go in earlier today, but we got pushed back until late tonight, I believe because the painters and dry-wallers took a bit longer than expected. My cousin managed to persuade me to help by convincing me that they won't be filming such a boring trade as we perform, so I just hope he's right. I swear, if my ass-crack shows up on national TV I'm going to kill somebody, probably in a very violent and messy fashion.

I've been fiddling with some prototype stuff for the component-based Golems. According to the rough design I'm hammering out, all power advancement will be accomplished through equipment upgrades rather than levelling, and I'm thinking those equipment upgrades will come in the form of various golem pieces and attachments. You'll build your golem like some sort of horrible Frankenstein monster. So far, the component system works fairly well, though as everything is composed of various boxes at the moment it's hard to tell. Need to get a small set of test meshes and see how it'll work in 'real' operation.

Guess I better go check out the state of my equipment for tonight. I'd hate to get in there and realize I forgot something.
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