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Oh. My. God.

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To wet your apetite:
err.type = (constsOfRetValues)Account->list( a_cursta, a_empty,
a_lock, a_maxerr, a_scsus, b_credcs, b_incom, b_tanac, b_trbon,
cc_cnt, cc_date, city_loc, city_nbr, credit, cs_freec, cs_lstd,
dynami_f, ff_flag, ff_group, gprs, gprs_usr, h_cscred, h_cscrep,
h_curmon, h_raz, h_refill, idx_hist, imsi, langcur, login,
msisdn.inout(), n_lip, n_lip2, n_lwlim, n_lwlimc, n_raz, n_refill,
n_uplim, n_uplimc, next_fee, nfirst, nperiod, number3, op_acdur,
op_cred, op_ddate, op_undur, op2acdur, op2cred, op2ddate, op2undur,
p_smscpt, p_useend, pin_f, pin_nbr, profile, r_smscpt, r_useend,
rateplan, refill_e, rema_fee.out(), s_smscpt, s_smsend, static_f, tac,
tb1, tb2, tbe, tcfaxda, tend, tmc, toterr, tr, cmdResult,
nbstart,sqlAddCrit, bitmap);
err.descr = cmdResult;
cout<<"Error Returned: "<" Description: "<< cout<<"length of msisdn string: "<<
msisdn->length()< if(err.type != RES_OK)
return str_error_return_value;

There's more...
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You guys aren't doing your homework. I came across this while reading the latest WTF on TheDailyWTF. How do you think I'd find something so...artistic otherwise? [smile]

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