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Crucial Phase

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About 10 minutes ago, I crossed the 61 hours since smoking threshhold. From what I've read, the 48-72 hour time frame is the most crucial time for those who are quitting smoking.

And I'm right in the middle of it.

Thus far, it isn't too bad. But the people I work for tend to really piss me off from time to time, so we'll see how it goes.

Fortunately, I have no cigarettes to smoke even if I wanted to cave in. Nor do I have any money with which to buy cigarettes. I just have these peppermints.

Oh, and my sense of smell and taste are coming back. Soon, I should be able to fully enjoy the wonderful flower that is my own excessive flatulence.
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Getting your taste back means you should treat yourself to a good curry.

And then enjoy the lingering 'aroma' afterwards heh

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I was forced to stop smoking 14 mo ago - its kinda cool now. But it is rather uncool that my friends didn't stop at the same type.

Anyway, I now know what the smell of cold tobacco smoke on my clothes is. Disgusting.

Good Luck (and use the Force)

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