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more help and more balancing

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So, we have another volenteer, Justin Smith (not from the Sanctus Legacy project),who did PR work for Anarchy Online, is now helping Morning's Wrath, he will be in charge of our forums, releasing public information ususaly on a weekly basis, he will also direct forum questions to our development so that we can give you answers, and take your requests.

So, last night was filled with testing the leveling system, it works good, just like i left it 6 months ago, but now comes the time to actually set up the proper leveling scale and rules for such.

So here are some basig gameplay guidelines that i thought of really quickly that will give some idea as to how MW plays:

Life is found in several places:
-in the form of flasks(1/4 max life restore) from the healer's chamber (map9)
-flasks(1/4 max life restore) hidden in various maps
-natural regeneration (1 life point per second, max of 1/4 max life)

Mana is found in several places:
-in the form of flasks(1/4 max mana restore) from haliphen's chamber (map10)
-flasks(1/4 max mana restore) hidden in various maps
-by taking a drink from the tainted mana pool(full mana, sacrifices 1/16th max life)
-by taking a drink from the pure mana pool(doesnt exist until the end-game)(full mana, no side effects)
-natural mana absorbtion when in the lost region,( 1 mana point per second, no _noticable_ side effects)

Other potions:
Vitality,Spirit,Strength,Agility and Wisdom
potions are hidden in the maps, each gives +1 point to the respective attribute.

All non-equipable items are activated/deactivated by a right-click while in-inventory,
or via hot-key activation while in the quick-belt

leveling should be allowed to level 100 times normally

100 levels equals 500 stat points

after gaining mana well, max all levels, vitality and spirit set to 1000 each

each level-up gives 5 stat points

leveling is done in a linear progression of milestones

experience starts at 0

maximum experience is 1,000,000

each level's cost is 1,000 experience points

each time an enemy is killed the killer gains the victim's experience points

min/max body count ratings

killing 100,000 war wolves would level you 100 times

killing 6,253 ancient warlocks would level you 100 times

using linear leveling allows for a 'near' constant stream of rewards from battle,
most games use nonlinear leveling which makes leveling harder and harder as you progress,
thus rewards become fewer and fewer.

while it is unlikely, a player can max all his/her limited stats befor completing a game,
it is more likely however, that a player will solve the required puzzles before-hand, thus
unlocking the mana well and attaining max stats and extreamly high vitality and spirit.

won't be many screen shots for a while i'm afriad, since at the moment we are dealing with numbers more than graphics, this should change durring the pollishing phase (the end of phase 4).
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