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Possible community participation

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I was having a thought for a while,

our spell system is based on spell scripts, which determine what the spell should look like, by placing a number of sprites, which have certain properties, like velocity and direction and such, sorta like a particle controller.

If there was enough of an interest for a few people to want to create some new spell scripts for us then I could release a 'spell tester' program which would allow you to write spell scripts and test them out, and then they could be included in the final game.

If anyone is interested in having a hand in this, voice your support by replying to this post, along with any other questions/comments you might have.
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thats one, anyone else?

i will try and prepare the neccisary program to test the magic scripts this weekend.

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good old caffineaddict =D

well then, thats two, if we can get a third I think it will be really worth persuing.


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I'll help if it'll run on OSX.
Searched for a little bit, didn't find what your supported platforms were...

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sorry, no OSX support,

however, we are planning to port the game after release if there is enough demand.

thanks for offering to help though =)

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alright =)

we have three now, I'll work to get the tool done this weekend.


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