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Wow, great progress!

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Lots of new stuff!

First off, I managed to fix a bug with the terrain engine that has been driving me nuts. This whole time I've been thinking I was getting some wierd artifacts from my terrain code, even though I ported it directly from Nexus, but after getting the camera up and running I was able to walk around and see what was happening. When I built the device I had set the stencil buffer format and enabled depth testing, but I forget to enable automatic depth stencil with D3D9, problem solved!

I largely worked on the GUI\Interface designer for Nexus, and made excellent progress today. Got a snap to edge and snap to control feature working, optimized the rendering code, and implemented support for resizing and repositiong controls. Lots of work left to do with it, but I'm quite happy!

Let me know what you think!
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Personally, I don't think. I chud. But yeah, it looks pretty nice! Can't wait to see some lighting, shading, and shadows!

* Looks closer *

Ahhhh.... *AHEM* I mean better textures. Yeah - thats what I meant.

* Looks at GUI interface designer *

Holy crap... Uhm, me love u long time? Fi dolla?

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