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Demo now up!

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Runs about 500fps average without the FPS limiter (press 'F'), with spikes maxing out my fps variable at 1000fps!
Now, I need windows testing!

CURRENT BUILD: JT_1-11-2005_0.zip[~300kb]
You also may need the JVM located here: JVM[~15mb]

Now, if you want to do some testing for me this is what I need for you to do:

*Download the ZIP file
*Unzip it to a directory
*Verify there are these files:
*folder 'graphics'
*Close down all other apps (THIS IS A MUST FOR ACCURATE RESULTS!)
*Take note what the FPS is
*Hit the 'S' key, and then note the FPS
*Turn SmartRender back on, and take note if the Music plays when pressing the 'M' Key
*Press 'space' to go into Cursor_Mode
*Move the cursor to an actor, and take note if the Actor moves when you press enter.


When you have completed that just copy and paste this into your comment (with the int, boolean, String replaced....):

Initial FPS: int
FPS without SmartRender: int
Music Played: boolean
Actor Moved: boolean

Operating System: String
Java Virtual Machine Version: String
Clock Speed: int
RAM: int
GPU: String

Other Comments: String


The main thing that was added to this build was the optimizations int the drawing code. Instead of using Thread.sleep() I use Thread.yield(), and some other minor things that should give it quite a frame boost.

A NOTE ABOUT THE LOAD BAR (press 'L'): The load bar now displays 100*FPS/(user_selected_MFPS). You can change the MFPS (minimum FOS) by pressing the 'minus' and 'plus' keys. Changing the MFPS does not change anything in the draw loop, it just changes the Load Bar percentage. This is usefull because I can set the MFPS to say 50, and the load bar will show how much spare room I have to play with. The default is set at 20. The Load bar doesn't show except when the Fps limiter off.

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