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Leap Into Nothing

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Rob Loach


I reworked the engine's image loading a bit so now it loads images dynamically and makes it so that you don't load an image twice or anything like that. I've also translated the primatives support from SDL_gfx into the engine you can easily call up System::Graphics::Primatives::Draw____() and you're good to go. I made up a DevPak for Dev-C++ for SDL_gfx, but am playing around with it a bit more before I release version 1.
Test it out...

With the new release of the new GameDev Rating Ticker, I've made my own little HTML file to allow easy viewing of it without adding in the actual picture: Rob Loach's GameDev Rating Page. I'd make a PHP file to have it automatically display the ones requested, but I'd rather just keep everything relating to GameDev on my own GameDev webspace.

Random Interest

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Well, I was mean to it.

9,024 KB 1 Ball
18,808 KB 500 Balls

- 9024
/ 500
~20 KB per ball.

I guess that should really be tested with other numbers of balls too tho, to see if it holds up true at 300, 250, 100 balls.

The thing I noticed at 500 balls, was it claimed that I was getting 60 fps, when I am sure it was far less. To double check, I loaded a benchmark for the CPU, and watched it come thru as a slide show (I think the time based distance movement held up pretty good at this time too, I wasnt watching the ammount of rotation during this), still reading 60 fps, I even thought it flicked a 61 but I could be mistaken.

Is it capped to run at 60 fps? Or maybe its just a placeholder for when you get it going.

or wait, is it time based movement? i guess they seem to slow down when you add alot. definitly slower with 250 balls Vs. 41 balls.

Testing stuff rox!

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Whoa, I guess that's a bad thing [grin]. The FPS uses a couple of functions provided in SDL_gfx so I guess they don't really give the true frames per second given. I'll have to right up another function to return the true FPS. I'll implement framerate movement once I get the time.

As for the balls, it takes up a bunch more memory as it makes a new surface everytime is draws a new ball at a different rotation. I think I have a solution though.... We'll see.

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