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Car Trouble

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My car (a 1994 Dodge Spirit) is broken. It keeps overheating, so it is stuck in my work parking lot. Fortunately, right next to where I work, there is a mechanic, to whom I will be taking the car today (really, I'll just be leaving the car in the parking lot, so it's not like I'll be "taking" the car anywhere, but you know what I mean).

Last night, we (me & Val) bought ourselves a TRUCK. A 1978 Ford F250. Paid $500 for it. It doesn't start without a jump, but it does run well once started. Brakes are softer than your typical U-Haul. Headlights work, brake lights work. The left turn signal in the back works(don't ask about the other turn signal lights). I figure if we can just get it to start OK and all of the turn signals working, it'll be a good little truck. Well, a good monstrously sized truck, good for hauling stuff to the dump, getting supplies from menards, the occasional trip to the drive in.
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I had a very similar problem [smile] I started this thread about it. I tried fixing my brakes and wheel cylinders at work. The car was stuck there for two days in the pouring rain without a wheel on it [grin]

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